We welcome new athletes for a free week trial offer at any time during our sessions. If the athlete does not have a current USA Water Polo membership, CLICK HERE to fill out and activate a USAWP Trial Membership. In order to participate in the free one week trial the athlete must have a current or trial USAWP membership prior to practice beginning. If you have any questions, please contact us.

After registering with USAWP then you will need to fill out the session registration located here:


Club Name: Admiral Water Polo Foundation

Club ID#:25904



  • The Trial Membership is for first-time athletes only. Previous USAWP members are not eligible for this membership.
  • This is a one-time, 14-day membership that will activate when you fill out the online application for Admiral Water Polo Foundation
  • All trial memberships are intended for practices and development purposes, such as club clinics and practices.
  • Trial memberships are not meant for ANY type of USAWP competition.
  • Membership form must be completed online.
  • Trial membership is free.